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Big Idea #1

Let's add HTML elements and Web Components to a web page; rearrange, stretch, and recolor them; and change their attributes them just by pointing, clicking, and draggingdirect manipulation.

Drag Elements

Big Idea #2

Let's use web continuations as a foundation for simple, sequential programs that users can build. Without web continuations, a program that relies on more than one input from the user will be complicated.

Try Continuations

Big Idea #3

Let's represent program blocks (AST nodes) with HTML elements the user can add, rearrange, and delete by direct manipulation. The user interface of the HTML-element editor can be adapted for this purpose.

See Our Inspiration

Together let's make powerful websites more personal and easier.

If you are a user who wants to build a website or a web app but find the technical aspects daunting and unfriendly, please try our prototype demos of web pages that are easily manipulated without programming; or join Mashweb.Club to get news about the interfaces we are creating on this website to enable non-techies to build powerful, useful web apps; or post some comments on the Mashweb.Club Blog to give your feedback. If you are a programmer or web designer, please consider collaborating with us to develop a place on the Web where practically anyone can create a very unique web app.

The plan for Mashweb.Club 1.0 includes:

  • Allow visitors to create and edit web pages without coding.
  • Allow visitors to create and edit single-page web apps using simple visual programming patterned after successful visual programming environments for children.
  • Allow subscribers to save web pages and single-page web apps to their own subdomains under Mashweb.Club, e.g. John.Mashweb.Club.
  • All the abilities of browser-based rich-text editors.
  • The ability to drag and drop images and web links to Mashweb.Club-created web pages.
  • The ability to include some web components.
  • Lazy-loaded widget contents, e.g. lazy-loaded tabs.
Learn, invent, share cycle

We are sharing a detailed white paper on the background of the Mashweb architecture and the code we have written to implement parts of the architecture. If you would like to be informed of more developments of the Mashweb architecture and the Mashweb.Club website, please put yourself on our mailing list. For the next few months announcements will not occur more than once a week. We will not share your email address with anyone. Signing up will also give you your own area of Mashweb.Club when that facility is ready.

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